About Us

Wearree -The Wear Diary, is a Dubai based brand (shipping for free to India and the UAE) that finds it's roots in helping  women look and feel great about their personal style. Not just your ordinary daily planner, Wearree is a tool that helps style conscious women craft their own unique personal style and organize their daily life. 

 It is designed to combine the practicality of a daily planner with the expertise of a personal stylist, enabling you to achieve your daily life/work goals all the while looking and feeling fabulous!!  Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.


"Our mission is to help women take control of their Personal Style and not just look good but look GREAT and feel their best everyday!" 

Nidhi Singh, Founder

Meet Nidhi, WEARREE Founder

While working as a personal stylist, Nidhi always found that the more over-stuffed with clothes people's closets were, the more they were confused about their personal style and complained of " not having a thing to wear!". That's when the idea of WEARREE was born - an easily accessible tool which will help women understand their styling needs & organize a wardrobe which is 100% wearable, cost effective and chosen to flatter their unique body-shape and coloring.   

 WEARREE is a result of Nidhi's endeavor to make styling skills available to all women and help them Be Your Own Stylist !